Keep Your Surfaces From Becoming Slipping Hazards

Keep Your Surfaces From Becoming Slipping Hazards

Take advantage of our ice melt services in the Kuna & Nampa, ID area

Ice causes all kinds of headaches for Nampa and Kuna, ID homeowners. It can become deadly when it forms on high-traffic areas like steps and sidewalks. Keep your loved ones safe by scheduling ice melt services this winter.

Barker Landscape LLC will use specialty ice melt products to keep your surfaces from freezing over. Don't forget to schedule snow removal services.

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Rock salt vs. ice melt products-which is better?

Because rock salt lowers the freezing point of water, it's often used to de-ice roads and sidewalks in the Nampa and Kuna, ID area. However, salt rocks can corrode the undercarriage of cars and leave behind a white residue.

Ice melt products, however...

  • Keep water from freezing as low as -15 degrees.
  • Can generate their own heat to melt ice.
  • Are safer for pets and plants.

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